A Guide to RV Mattress Sizes (2023)

Life on the road is an adventure, and for some, a lifestyle. The question is: how can you bring the comforts from home and take them with you when you travel? It starts with curating your sleeping environment. By comparing RV mattress sizes and being selective about materials, you can find your ideal fit.

Overview: Mattress Sizes for RVs and More

Spending extended time in the great outdoors doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your quality of sleep. Here’s how to get the most out of your RV mattress and set yourself up for sweet dreams.

  • Before ordering an RV mattress, be sure to measure the space you are working with to make sure you select the right size.
  • Look for materials that can adjust to your body and keep you cool, such as cooling gel memory foam and latex.
  • A mattress with latex, like our GhostBed RV Mattress, is resistant to moisture and mildew when the weather gets humid.
  • Some large-bed trucks can accommodate the size of a smaller RV mattress. Make sure to measure before ordering to confirm.

A Guide to RV Mattress Sizes (1) Shop GhostBed RV Mattress

RV Mattress Size Chart: Selecting the Right Fit

Comparing RV mattress sizes is similar to how you’d make a decision for your bed at home. The big difference to consider is space. You’ll want something small enough to fit the confines of your roving home while still being comfortable and able to move around.

The most common sizes for RV mattresses are Short Queen and Short King. They’re simply shorter in profile and height than standard sizes, so that they’ll easily fit into the typical camper or RV. However, some brands offer slightly different dimensions, so it’s important to do your research.

Size Typical Dimensions Description
RV Bunk 28” x 75”
30” x 75”
30” x 80”
34” x 75”
35” x 79”
Bunk beds are commonly found in family-friendly RVS to allow for additional sleepers. When shopping for Bunk mattress sizes, dimensions will be similar to a twin-size mattress suited for a single sleeper.
RV Full 53” x 75”
54” x 75”
55” x 75
Often measuring at a similar width to Short Queen RV mattresses, an RV full is typically used for fold-out couches, optimizing space when people aren’t sleeping.
RV Short Queen 60” x 74”
60” x 75”
A comfortable fit for two adults, typically measuring five to six inches shorter from head-to-foot than a Queen size mattress, which helps to fit into more compact spaces.
RV Queen 60" x 80" An RV Queen measures the same size as a standard Queen mattress you’d shop for in your bedroom, which means you can create a similar sleeping experience for life on the road.
RV Short King 72" x 75" An RV Short King is usually the same width as a standard King, but slightly shorter.
RV King 72" x 80" An RV King allows people to stretch out even in constricted spaces, keeping time spent on the road roomy and comfortable. King mattresses designed for RVs are usually narrower than standard King mattresses.
RV California King 72" x 84" An RV California King offers more length than the standard California King size mattress and can comfortably accommodate multiple children or two adults and a child, depending on what the situation calls for.

Measuring a Mattress to Fit Your Space

Every RV setup is a little bit different. Consider the layout of your particular RV or camper, and take measurements to ensure your mattress is a good fit. Note dimensions for the length, width, and height of all bed spaces to guide your mattress selection. There may be multiple dimensions to consider depending on the layout and size of your vehicle.

A Guide to RV Mattress Sizes (2)

For example, bunk beds or pull-out beds are often part of RV designs because of how they optimize space. These mattress sizes can accommodate single sleepers or be reconfigured to hold a larger mattress and sleep more people. Another example is a bunk mattress, which is a setup where one bed frame and mattress is stacked on top of another.

It’s also important to find something that feels good to lay down on for the long haul. As outdoor conditions change, having a consistently comfortable place to land at the end of the day makes a big difference in how your trip will go.

RV Mattress Materials That Create a Comfortable Sleep

After you compare RV mattress sizes to find the ideal fit for your camper, choosing materials that feel just right is the next step. Since weather conditions can fluctuate considerably when camping, you’ll want a mattress that can keep you cool and is resistant to moisture and mildew when temperatures are humid.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a popular option when sleeping in your RV, converted van or pop-up camper because the material naturally contours to your body, providing ample support and pressure relief. It also absorbs motion, which is especially helpful when dealing with cramped quarters and sharing sleeping spaces. It's the ideal blend of comfort and durability.


Like memory foam, latex mattresses also conform to the body shape and provide a springy feel, creating an enjoyable feeling as you move around. And, since latex is resistant to mildew and dust mites, it’s particularly helpful when dealing with the elements of being outdoors. The open-cell structure of latex mattresses is another key contributor to a cooler night’s sleep on those sweltering summer nights.


Innerspring mattresses are known for their superior bounce and edge support. Since air can circulate between springs, it’s a naturally cooling option. There are several different types of spring/innerspring mattresses. Some are made with interconnected coils, while others have individual “pocketed” coils, which help support motion isolation. Keep in mind that spring-only mattresses tend to have more motion transfer than hybrid, foam or latex-only options.

Frequently Asked Questions about RV Mattresses

A Guide to RV Mattress Sizes (3)

Below, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about RV mattresses to help you decide which one is right for you.

What’s the Difference Between a Short Queen and Queen Mattress?

Just as it sounds, the dimensions of a Short Queen mattress are shorter than a traditional queen, but the width is the same.

Can I Use a Regular Mattress in My RV?

It depends. Typically, RV mattresses are designed specifically for RV arrangements, in order to fit within compact spaces. You’ll want to measure the dimensions of your space and consider if you need a mattress that’s shorter in height and/or length.

What Materials Should I Look for in an RV Mattress?

Look for materials that can adjust to your body and keep you cool, such as memory foam and latex. After a long day of hiking, boating or other camping activities, you’ll want a mattress that’ll ease your muscles and keep you relaxed throughout the night.

Will an RV Mattress Fit in My Truck?

Possibly. Some large bed trucks can accommodate the size of a smaller RV mattress. Measure the length, height and width in the same way as you would for a camper or RV and ensure you’re measuring within the wheel wells.

Get Your Ideal Sleep on the Go

Everyone can enjoy the comfort of a good night’s rest no matter where they’re headed to next. Whether you’re setting off for a long weekend or an extended journey on the open road, having a relaxing place to retreat to can make your adventure all the more sweeter. Though there’s novelty to sleeping in tents, sometimes a cushiony bed with the right support is all it takes to make you feel brand new and ready to go again.

A Guide to RV Mattress Sizes (4)

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