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What to Wear With a Black Shirt?

Everyone has different colors that they love to wear – maybe consciously or subconsciously. There is always that particular color that makes them stand out. However, having a preferred color means knowing different styling options.

Black is a color that they cannot do a day without for some people – it is always in their outfit for the day. Black is strong, fearless, and attractive. These are reasons why most people love them, including celebrities and business people. Whether for male or female fashion, black goes well with some other colors, but there are do’s and don’ts.

In a situation where you have to pick a black shirt, which is obviously one of the commonest pieces of clothing available, styling can be a problem. The issue isn’t because you cannot wear it as conveniently as you want to, but you are not sure what other option would really be your style.

However, the aim of this article is to make sure you don’t keep repeating the same black shirt with the same style but can also try out other ways. Below is a guide on what to consider before wearing a black shirt and 15 ways to wear them stylishly.

How to Wear a Black Shirt

If you are wondering how to wear your black shirt, you must know a couple of things that will help you when styling. They include:

Black is Perfect with Other Colors

The first thing you need to know before anything else is that black is perfect with any color. It is one of the best colors that can match almost anything. However, what you match it with decides whether you will be too obvious or not.

For instance, styling a black shirt with a red pair of pants puts the black in a neutral position and the red in the obvious. On the other hand, if you style a black shirt with black or faded blue jeans, both clothing blend. Nevertheless, both black shirt styles are great.

You Need the Complexion For It

Another piece of information you must know is that black requires you to have the complexion for it. The ability to rock a black shirt properly is so dependent on your skin tone because if you can pull it off with your tone, you can do almost anything with it.

Medium to Dark-skinned people is likely to pull off black shirts styling better than light-skinned people. They are the set of people who can wear the color best.

On the other hand, black shirts on light skin tones aren’t also bad – only that it conceals the face but makes the personality stand out.

Black is Season-Friendly

Black is the color of seasons. At some point, you can wear it during summer but winter periods are the best time to. Black can retain body heat and make sure you are warm throughout the entire time.

In essence, Black shirts won’t be a problem for you under any weather condition.

Black Doesn’t Choose Your Hair Color.

Like your skin tone, black doesn’t decide whose hair color is perfect or not – it goes for anything. However, black shirts blend perfectly with dark or brown hair.

If you have dark hair and dark skin, consider wearing a black shirt a total kill.

15 Outfit Ideas With a Black Shirt

1. White Pants

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Before today, black and white have always been two contrasting colors but a matching set regardless. Ideally, the combination of both is Gray, which is another stylish color on its own.

When you think about combining outfits, i.e., black shirts with something else, you should consider white pants. The combination is one of the best in the history of fashion, even though there are different styles you can try out with them. For instance, if you have a plain black shirt, you can match it with a plain white or patterned pair of pants.

Try out this classic combo if you have both.

2. Black Jacket & Khaki

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In color blending, there are a series of colors that can match black outfits. Black is a neutral or general color that can also match with khaki. It is one classic pairing because it gives the cool boy vibe. What makes it even cooler is combining the duo with a thick leather jacket. The trio combination is, in fact, outstanding.

Black Shirt with Black Jacket and Khaki is a great choice for every young man who wants to win a girl or be in vogue. It shows simplicity but great confidence. However, the black shirt should preferably be a round or V-neck, with the addition of color-matching boots and accessories.

3. Stripes

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Stripes are one fantastic design that screams out a person’s taste in fashion. It is one of the many styles in vogue today for many young men who want to feel confident and fashionable.

Ideally, stripes are difficult to select because you must be careful about what you combine them with. Fortunately, Stripes go well with black shirts or tees. They have an outstanding combo that almost presents itself as the gentleman or “kingpin” look.

Black Shirt should be combined with either a striped pair of pants or striped suits. With either combination and an oxford shoe, you can achieve a great result.

4. Dark Denim

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One important piece of information to know is that black shirts were originally designed for jeans. The combo of the two is special – such that you can either wear your shirt tucked or untucked – either way, it will still go well.

One of the best types of jeans to wear with this black shirt is dark denim. It is a perfect combination for semi-formal and casual settings. You can wear it to a party, to meet a date or work event.

When going with this style, you should make sure that your shirt length is long. Short-sleeve shirts sometimes don’t fit.

5. Dark Blazer

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A dark blazer is a go-to if you need something to match your black shirt for a semi-formal to a formal occasion. This piece of clothing is the opposite of a pair of denim jeans because it gives a more confident style or looks.

Dark blazers with black shirts are an incredible combo because the style looks fierce, clean, and bold. You can wear it for a cocktail or office event and even meet up with a date. Without a doubt, you will receive good compliments for being able to style your black shirt simply but perfectly.

Likewise, ensure your shoes and accessories and wristwatches are pretty dope as they complement your outfit.

6. Work Pants

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Black is a beautiful color, and it’s fascinating to see it go perfectly with work outfits. Are you thinking of what to combine next Monday to work? You can combine a black shirt with work pants, which would be the perfect look for the day.

Even when there are different types of f0rmal work pants, you will find a good deal of them matching nicely with black shirts – tees, long-, or short-sleeves. However, it would be best not to forget to step up this style by combining it with a nice pair of shoes – loafers or oxfords. You can also choose a black wristwatch to wear with this outfit.

7. Ripped Jeans

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Talking about jeans, another incredible type is also quite the trend you can combine with a black shirt –ripped jeans. It is a perfect style for casual or outdoor occasions – for instance, you can wear it when you want to grab a couple of drinks with your friends.

However, your black shirt choice matters when you combine it with ripped jeans because it needs to blend with style. The most appropriate and stylish black shirt to use is a body-hug tee or v-neck. The reason is that this shirt will bring out your muscles or give you body confidence. Besides, the combo is an easy-to-wear.

8. Black Shorts

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There are so many outfit ideas, and you’ll find yourself trying new things or learning how to combine one piece of clothing with another. One of those things you might do someday is to wear shorts – that is, if you are a fan of them. Shorts are breathable and comfortable; they are easy to wear due to their simplicity. A good way to rock shorts, however, is with a black shirt.

If you have black or khaki shorts, that even makes a lot of sense for black shirts – apart from complementing the color, it makes you look fashionable. You can add a pair of loafers or sandals, and they look great for very casual occasions.

9. Long Coat

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For every outfit or piece of clothing, there is always a king of style. For black shirts, maintaining the king of style requires wearing a long coat. A coat is always desperate wear during winter, as it provides great warmth. With a black shirt, you get extra warmth and feel great during the period.

While the combo of coat and black shirt provides a level of warmth, you are also maintaining a sense of style that puts you at a very great spot – the royal fashion. You can step up the style by adding a pair of white sneakers and brushing up your hair nicely.

10. Rain or Snow Boots

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Combining your black shirt with something else doesn’t mean you only have to consider your pants; sometimes, you have to consider your shoes carefully. There are quite some selections that will go well with your black shirt and make you feel very confident about your style, and ultimately, yourself.

One of the many shoes to match a black shirt is a pair of rain or snow boots. As expected, you can rock this look or style during winter. So, while everyone is dealing with the cold, you are handling it all fashionably – that feels good, is a type of way.

11. A Pair of White Laceless Shoe

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Another set of shoes that will go well with a black shirt is a pair of white shoes. They are simple and smart, especially when they are opposing colors, thereby creating a perfect blend.

Generally, there are different types of shoes based on various factors such as manufacturer, lacing or no lacing, etc. However, if you need a great suggestion of the kind of white shoes to wear with a black hoodie or tee shirt, then one without lacing is perfect – talk about one of those popular Vans.

Overall, you might be able to maintain that classic and smart look with your black shirt only with a fantastic pair of white laceless shoes.

12. Camo Jacket or Pants

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There isn’t much of a difference between khaki pants and camo pants. Whatever style you want or try out with khaki pants, you can do the same with camo.

That being said, you can rock your black shirt with camo pants and have the smart military man look. This military-inspired fashion idea has been popular for quite some time now.

It will make it even better stylish if you have a camo jacket as an alternative if you don’t have a pair of camo pants. Thus, you can try wearing a jacket, a black shirt, and a black pair of pants to maintain something cooler.

If you have Chelsea boots to match your outfit, that is even better.

13. Red Joggers

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What if you had a black-on-black outfit? What can you rock best with it? There are many ideas on what to wear, but a particular one that will be quite the fashion statement is a red pair of joggers.

Black is a strong color, but a brighter color makes it even more noticeable. Red is one of those bright colors that puts dress fashion in a good spot; combining it with your black shirt will be a good idea.

On the other hand, joggers are fancy shoes worn by celebrities and people who understand what fashion is. Therefore, a good red pair of joggers will do a thing on your black tee.

14. Olive Green Pants

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Not everything has to be formal, casual, or semi-formal. Sometimes you may need the perfect thing to wear indoors or to the gym. For sure, it has to be something simple and comfortable.

Black shirts are also one of the great options to wear for this kind of reason. However, you might need to pair them up with something else that will perfectly fit the occasion. In that case, olive green pants are a wonderful idea. They blend perfectly with a black t-shirt giving a fierce but admirable look to whoever is wearing it.

With the combination of the duo, you can add a pair of white sneakers too.

15. Mini Skirt

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So long in this article, you’ve mostly seen how men can rock a black shirt successfully; however, there is something else for women who love skirts. Black is a color that fits precisely with anything, and that includes even a mini skirt.

A black shirt on a mini skirt seems like the perfect stylish idea but the choice of shirt matters a lot. If you have to put on a black shirt on a skirt, you should make sure it’s a long sleeve. Combining the two with a flat-soled shoe is a good one and a suitable choice for casual occasions.


If you haven’t noticed, there is a lot of policing today around shirts – especially black ones because you need to put on the right outfits to stay in style. However, above is a list of ways to style your black shirt with pants, jeans, skirts, or shoes fashionably. Hopefully, you’d find better ideas on how to wear your black T-shirt from any one of them.

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