Kissing Granger (Dramione) - Kissing Granger (2023)


"Ron! How could you?!" Hermione Granger yelled angrily at her boyfriend for almost a year now.

Ron was surprised to see his real girlfriend standing outside the blasted door of the broom closet he and Lavender Brown usually do their deed behind Hermione's back. His pants were still down when he heard someone shout "Bombarda" outside the door, and was startled at his girlfriend being there.

Lavender was just smirking, seeing Hermione's rage. She always thought that the bookworm was not that smart after all when she did not even suspect that her boyfriend was cheating with her for months now. She quickly adjusted her clothes once she saw other students crowding at the corridor they were in.

Ron put his pants back up before answering his furious girlfriend. "I'm sorry if you have to find out this way, but I'm not interested with you anymore," he replied coolly. His ears reddening as he saw his schoolmates staring daggers at him.

"How long has this been going on then?" Hermione asked, her blood boiling with rage, her voice a deadly whisper.

"A few months now, actually," Ron admitted. He knows that he should feel guilty, but hey, his hormones are raging, but Hermione has rejected him so many times, and so he had to find someone willing to let it out.

"Why, you?! How dare you do this to me?" Hermione shrieked, she just couldn't contain her anger anymore.

"Well, I guess it's because you don't want to. I mean, you're too stuck up in your own little world. Kissing you is like kissing a log, you can't even kiss properly," he stated, his whole face was now red.

"Ha! That's one of the funniest things I have ever heard! You should talk, you're such a sloppy kisser! Your drool overflows when you try kissing me with your mouth open that I want to gag!" She replied back acidly.

More students were now watching them, from all the different houses. They were amused watching the two bicker, it was better than attending their classes.

Ron's face became redder. "I really don't know why I dated you, you don't even act like a girl!" He shouted lamely. "Maybe you are not really a girl? If you were, then I would not have needed to find a real girl to satisfy me," he added, triumph in his eyes for getting back at her.

"Oh yeah? Has it ever crossed your sloppy brain that your sloppy kisses doesn't turn me on?" She asked seething. They had kissed a few times, but there never was a special spark, she tried letting herself be passionate with him, but always withdraw because it never turned her on.

Ron became redder with Hermione's comment, and with his schoolmates laughter.

"You're just like a dead log, that's why you can't be laid ever! You don't feel anything in that body of yours!" He shouted angrily.

"Really now? Maybe I just need a real man unlike you, to turn me on," she yelled back. "Maybe any man will do, except you!" She added, clenching and unclenching her fists.

"Prove it then! Any boy will turn down your offer even if you strip all your clothes off in front of them!" Ron taunted.

"Fine then! I'll prove to everyone not that I'm not a dead log, but that you are a just lousy kisser who can't turn me on!" Hermione accepted, gritting her teeth and looking around them for someone to help her prove her point.

Everybody waited, there was silence for a few seconds. It was broken when a boy came forwards, walking towards Hermione. They were all surprised to see that it was none other than the hottest boy in Hogwarts, the Slytherin Prince, Draco Malfoy.

Draco was wearing his usual smirk, his seductive grey eyes focused on Granger's fiery brown ones. "Give me a kiss then," he told Granger quietly, but all of them heard it.

Hermione was shocked that Malfoy stepped forward to want to kiss her. She could feel all eyes on them, then felt Malfoy's hand snaking on her lower back, while the other was laid on her red cheek.

Draco always wanted to know for years how it feels to kiss, or even just touch Granger. He was mesmerized by her innocence and beauty since Fourth Year, when he saw her during the Yule Ball. This was his chance to know the answer to his dreams, and he was willing to risk everything just to fulfill it. He gently stroked her cheek, staring deep into her eyes, he could feel her tremble at his touch. He leaned closer to her face, she instinctively closed her beautiful eyes, then he pounced!

Hermione felt his soft lips on hers once she had closed her eyes, she felt butterflies in her stomach while he kissed her softly. She never thought that Draco Malfoy would agree to kiss her in front of the whole school. He was a proud Pureblood, while she was a Muggle-born. She was surprised when he deepened their kiss, her breath hitched, and her heart was beating loudly in her ears.

Draco had pushed Hermione against the wall, still holding her closely. She could feel his whole body pressed on hers, and it sent delicious shivers that she had never felt before. She kissed him back when he licked her lips, allowing his tongue to dance with hers, not caring what their classmates think of her anymore.

This is heavenly, Hermione thought to herself. She haven't kissed anyone like this before, especially not Ron, who stood shocked with the rest of the school. She kissed Draco back as passionately as he does to her, her hand playing with his soft blonde hair while they kissed.

They kissed passionately while some of their classmates wolf-whistled, some were quite jealous that Draco was kissing her of all people.

Ron was furious at Hermione for proving that he was wrong about her having no sexual desire.

Lavender was livid, seeing that Ron was affected by his girlfriend's actions. She wanted to walk away from the corridor but she just can't leave him there drooling over his girlfriend.

Draco and Hermione just continued kissing, their bodies pressed firmly against each other. Hermione could feel Draco's manhood hardening already against her tummy, that made her moan against his kisses. Draco started growling when Hermione placed her hand on his backside, then squeezed one cheek.

Then, after minutes of intense kissing, they heard Professor McGonagall yell, "Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Granger! What are you two doing?" The professor was shocked to see her two best students kissing passionately, with their fellow classmates watching them. "To my office, now! And both of you too, Mr, Weasley and Ms. Brown!" She added, seeing the other couple's disheveled clothes.

Hermione and Draco broke apart suddenly when they heard their Transfiguration Professor's voice. They were both annoyed with the interruption, and just wanted to continue what they have been doing.

"Meet me later at the Room of Requirement after dinner," Draco whispered in Hermione's ear before letting her go. Hermione nodded in reply, glad that they will be continuing what they started a while ago.

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