RV Mattress Sizes and Dimensions (2023)

March 7th, 2023 . 4 mins read

By Andrew Russell, Wellness Writer RV Mattress Sizes and Dimensions (1)

RVs are designed to maximize a small space. They fit a kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom all in a 9 by 30-foot area. In order to be multifunctional, RVs need uniquely-sized home furnishings, such as couches, cabinets, and even mattresses.

Unlike standard mattress sizes for homes, there isn’t an industry standard for RV mattress sizes, though they’re often thinner, shorter, and narrower than a standard mattress. Your RV’s layout determines what mattress sizes work best, since you still need room for other furniture and walking space.

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We break down the most common sizes of RV mattresses, as well as the different types of mattresses used for RVs.

RV Twin Mattress

RV twin mattresses are common for RVs and travel trailers because they’re super compact and multipurpose, often used for dinettes and couches. They measure 39 by 75 inches and best suit one child or a shorter adult. Some RV twin beds also fit bunk beds or can be used side by side for two sleepers.

RV Bunk Mattress

RV bunk beds are similar to RV twins in height, though they’re available in a range of widths so they fit into a variety of frames, from 28-38 by 75 inches. They’re common in family-friendly RVs and are helpful if you have kids.

Truck Mattress

Truck mattresses are typically used in the sleeper cabins of semi-trucks, though they can also be used in RVs with odd-sized beds. They’re available in a small range of sizes, from 35-42 by 79-80 inches.

Three Quarter Mattress

A three-quarter mattress, also called an antique bed, is a cross between a full and a twin mattress. It’s roughly three-quarters of a queen mattress, widthwise, measuring at 48 by 75 inches. Typically, a three-quarters mattress is for one person, though two children could comfortably fit on one, too

RV Full Mattress

An RV full mattress, also known as an RV double bed, is 54 by 75 inches and is the only RV mattress to be bigger than its standard version, as a standard full mattress is 53 by 75 inches. It’s large enough for one adult sleeper or two children. You can squeeze two adults on an RV full mattress in a pinch, though they won’t have much room for themselves.

RV Short Queen Mattress

The RV short queen mattress is the smallest queen bed for an RV, measuring at 60 by 75 inches. Short queen mattresses likely have radius corners—round bottom corners on the bed. The mattresses are useful for short single sleepers, but also wide enough for two short adults or children.

RV Queen Mattress

The standard RV queen mattress is 5 inches longer than an RV short queen but is the same size as a standard queen mattress at 60 by 80 inches. It’s large enough for one or two sleepers and provides decent foot room for taller people.

RV Olympic Queen Mattress

An RV Olympic queen mattress is the largest of the queen bed line-up, measuring 66 by 80 inches. It’s 6 inches wider than an RV queen and is perfect for tall, single sleepers or couples to share a bed with enough space to spread out.

RV King Mattress

Most RV king beds are as long as a standard king, though they’re a bit narrower, at 72 by 80 inches versus 76 by 80 inches. If you need extra width and don’t need lots of legroom, you might be interested in a short king. It measures 72 by 75 inches and usually has round, radius corners at the foot of the bed.

RV Eastern King Mattress

An RV Eastern king is the same size as a standard king bed at 76 by 80 inches. It’s the widest RV mattress option, making it ideal for three or four children or two parents and a child. RV Eastern king beds can get quite heavy, so you may need to opt for a thinner bed if you choose it.

RV California King Mattress

If you find an Eastern king or RV king to be a bit too short for you, an RV California king might just be the answer. It’s the longest RV mattress available, measuring at 72 by 84 inches, and is common in long, narrow RVs. Two adults or three children can easily sleep on an RV California king.

RV Mattress Types

Poly-foam mattresses often come with RVs and motorhomes, though they can be incredibly solid, low-density, and unsupportive. For this reason, many people choose to replace the mattresses that come with their RV with a higher-quality model. A durable mattress is key, especially if you travel a lot, so it doesn’t sag and become unsupportive.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are a good option because they provide great pressure relief and cradle your body. They’re moderately priced, ranging from $400 to $1000, though are very durable and plush. Keep in mind, memory foam can get hot, so opt for a cooling gel memory foam mattress if you’re camping or living somewhere hot and humid.


Latex foam is an eco-friendly option made from rubber trees. Like memory foam, it reduces pressure points without feeling like you’re sinking or trapped in your mattress. Natural latex is anti-bacterial and resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew, ensuring your RV is hygienic and safe. Latex mattresses are incredibly durable and long-lasting, though they can be a bit pricey, costing $900 to $1500.


Innerspring mattresses are an affordable bedding solution (roughly $250 to $600), but they’re not always a good idea for RV living because the coils are at risk of condensation and rust, so the mattress will wear down quickly. The pillow-top comfort layer prevents sinking into the coils, but overall, innersprings are not quite as comfortable as latex or memory foam mattresses.


Airbeds are an inflatable and inexpensive option for your RV, with costs ranging from $100 to $1100. You can adjust the airbed’s firmness level as you please and most beds are entirely one firmness, though some have dual-air chambers so people can set their preferred firmness while sharing a bed. The main problem with airbeds is they can leak air and they’re not very supportive for your back and spine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a regular mattress for an RV?

Measure the space in your RV, and if your regular mattress fits, then yes, you can use it. However, thicker mattresses (9 inches or more) typically don’t work in an RV as they can be too tall and you might end up face-to-face with your overhead console or cabinets.

What’s the difference between standard mattresses and RV mattresses?

RV mattresses are designed to maximize your living space, so they’re low profile, or between 2 to 8 inches thick. 8 inches is considered high-quality for RVs as it’s thin enough to ensure sleepers have enough headspace, but still thick enough to provide support. RV mattresses also narrower and less dense than standard mattresses

Standard mattresses are often at least 9 inches thick, heavy, and wide since users aren’t as concerned with fitting them into compact spaces.

How can I make my RV mattress more comfortable?

Some RVs come with mattresses you’re unable to remove or replace easily. If the mattress is uncomfortable, a mattress topper can provide customized comfort and support. Toppers are available in many different materials, including memory foam, latex foam, and down. In addition to a topper, high-quality pillows, nice sheets, and a plush comforter upgrade your sleeping environment.

What size bed sheets fit on an RV mattress?

Technically, you can use regular bed sheets for your RV mattress, but you might need sheet clips under your mattress to keep them in place and avoid extra, loose fabric. A better option is to use sheets specifically for RV mattresses, and you can likely find them online or at outdoor or camping stores. You can visit a seamstress and have sheets custom-made, though this may be costly.

Where can you find RV mattresses?

Standard mattress retailers rarely sell RV-sized mattresses, though they’re available at outdoor, sporting, and camping stores. If needed, some retailers make custom RV mattresses.


Before choosing a mattress size for your RV, measure the size of your bed frame and RV and consider how many people you need to accommodate to narrow down options. A poorly fit mattress might take up too much room or not fit into the bed frames provided. Although mattress shopping may not be the most thrilling part of traveling, a comfortable sleeping surface prepares you for your next day’s adventures and prevents soreness.

This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional.

Andrew Russell, Wellness Writer RV Mattress Sizes and Dimensions (3)

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